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I was delighted when Jen qualified as a Seasonal Yoga Teacher and I started going along to regular classes and workshops.   I have been practicing Hatha yoga for a few years, which I love, but I was excited to try something different.   I always felt that my yoga practice was quite separate from other practices I had  around working with the seasons and the elements but, through learning Seasonal yoga from Jen at classes and workshops, I’ve learned how connected it all it.   It complements, enhances and deepens my practice, making me feel whole.   Seasonal yoga challenged me, not only my body, but my whole mindset.   This was all down to Jens teaching, she was born to do this and her passion for it shines through.   Then lockdown happened and I wondered when I would get along to the classes I loved again.   When Jen set up the Tranquil Yogis online group, I was in from the start.   However, I wasn’t sure that the online thing would work for me.   I had no need to doubt it as Jen has managed to create a special space that makes us feel connected even although we are not together.   A space where we can feel safe to say how we feel.   A space where we can feel supported and heard.   There’s so much more to the group than yoga classed, there’s also meditation, moon phase chat, crystal chat to name but a few.   If you’re thinking about joining I’d highly recommend you give it a try.   Thank you Jen for creating this wonderful community for us. xx (Claire, June 20)


I was part of Jen’s yoga classes in her Tranquil Space for more than a year and it was just a wee haven each week. 🥰 In Coronavirus times now this isn’t possible but she has so successfully managed to create the same feeling online with ‘Tranquil Yogis’ of not just doing yoga but being part of a wonderful group of women supporting each other and having fun too! Jen is lovely, she’s very knowledgable about all things yoga but also a very caring and supportive lady who listens. Highly recommend – might be the best decision you make in lockdown and beyond! 🧘🏼‍♀️🙏🏻💕 (Karen, May 20)


I’m a member of tranquil yogis and loving the fact I can join in with yoga lessons from my own house as well as being part of a wonderful group where we can all share a bit of yoga and energy magic. Jen is a lovely lady who is knowledgeable and really helpful can’t recommend high enough. xxxx (Kirsty, May 20)


*COVID-19 Update*: I am now a member of the online group Tranquil Yogis and as a busy mum of 4 it actually works out better for me as I can attend more classes. I love the variety of classes on offer plus I am able to do them in my own time if I miss the live. The group discussions make it a more holistic approach and we are learning about more about yoga, chakras, moon cycles, crystals etc. The social aspect of the group is also awesome. It is a lovely, welcoming supportive group. Definitely one of the best tools getting me through lockdown and beyond. Namaste Jen (Lynsay, May 20)

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing I feel after a yoga session in the Tranquil Space. Yoga nidra is my absolute fav – I don’t understand how it works but it’s amazing. Jen is an absolute delight and her classes are so welcoming. I can’t recommend them enough. (Lynsay, Dec 19)


Attended my first ever yoga class, did the taster earlier and wow! I didn’t know what to expect but afterward felt invigorated, free and floating on air, what a bizarre amazing feeling! Thank you so much Jen for your time and patience, i thoroughly enjoyed it, would most definitely recommend and will return 🥰xx (Lesley, Oct 19)


I have recently started going to Jen’s yoga classes and would highly recommend them. What a warm welcome I got and as someone who has never tried yoga before was a bit nervous but there was no need as Jen put you at ease straight away with her friendliness . She explained the different poses and if you needed help you only had to ask. I have only been attending for 3 weeks but can already feel a difference and will be upping my classes to twice a week. Anyone thinking of trying yoga you should give Jens classes a try and you won’t be disappointed. (Gina, June 19)


Highly recommend Tranquility 21. Had a fantastic evening at the Be in Tune with the Moon workshop last night. Jen is so welcoming and knowledgable, and there was a wonderful atmosphere. Will definitely be attending future events! 😁 (Katie, March 19)








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